AUSVEG, as a founding member of the Fruit & Vegetable Consortium, was recently involved in the development of a report that highlights the issues regarding vegetable consumption in Australia, which have deteriorated further as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report, entitled ‘Shifting the dial on vegetable consumption — Rebuilding healthy families in a COVID-19 affected and disrupted Australia’, was prepared by KPMG and launched at an event in Melbourne on Wednesday 5 October.

AUSVEG CEO Michael Coote took part in an expert panel discussion at the launch, saying that initiatives to boost vegetable consumption cannot happen in isolation, and require cross-sectoral support to drive meaningful change.
The report recommends:

  • A national strategy to increase vegetable consumption.
  • Industry integration.
  • Programs focus on the issue of ‘affordability’.
  • A strategy that enables sustained national behaviour change.

Click here to read the report.