After an intense seven-week period, election day finally arrived, and it was a surprising result to almost all around the country.

There’s no doubt the win for Scott ‘ScoMo’ Morrison, Michael McCormack and the Coalition team is a positive one for agriculture, and indeed a strong result for horticulture.

AUSVEG sends it congratulations to the Coalition and all the elected members.

While the firm results still won’t be known for some time, a majority government is hoped and will provide some much-needed stability in Australian politics.

AUSVEG has been busy working over the past couple of months, pushing its Federal Election priorities to all the major parties.

Following the close of any election, it is important to look back and see what has been promised and committed to and AUSVEG and its state members will continue to ensure government is held to account.

AUSVEG Election Priorities Coalition
Supporting our Growers
Implement an Ag Visa Commitment to ‘revisit’ the Agriculture Visa
Implement a Labour Hire Licencing scheme National Labour Hire Registration Scheme will be implemented nationally.
Protecting our product
Develop crisis management plans No commitment
Develop clear cross-jurisdictional protocols and comms No commitment
Respecting our borders
Ensure promotion, delivery and acceptance of the National Biosecurity Statement Underway under the IGAB recommendations
Prioritise implementation of IGAB Report IGAB Recommendations underway
Outperforming our competitors
Higher prioritisation of horticulture in trade negotiations $11.4m to accelerate horticulture market access
Implement a industry/gov committee to oversee regulatory cost increases in part – Biosecurity Levy Steering Committee in place
Understanding our industry
Support education programs around paddock to plate and healthy eating campaigns $30m package to strengthen rural Australia including $10m to bring our kids and our farms together
Support food waste minimisation campaigns $50m to reducing food waste
Transforming our business
Maintain funding support for ACCC Agriculture Unit Additional $8.1m on top of budgeted funding for ACCC Agriculture Unit
Support mandatory price reporting in major fruit and vegetable markets No commitment

Other Coalition Agricultural Policies of note

  • Invest $3.9b in the Future Drought Fund
  • $5m farm assets test for Farm Household Allowance Permanent
  • Create a new restocking and replanting concessional loan through the Regional Investment Corporation
  • Establish a $7m Drought Communities Business Support program
  • Provide $1m each to an additional 14 local council areas experiencing severe drought through the Drought Communities Program
  • $20m for Royal and Regional Agricultural shows
  • Increase opportunities to sell food overseas through a new 2030 protected horticulture strategy
  • Protect the right to farm with new laws targeting trespassers
  • $6.1m to extend the Package Assisting Small Exporters program