Have you heard about native vegetation insectaries? Want to attract more beneficial insects to your crops to better manage pests?

On-farm insectaries are areas of flowering plants that attract and maintain beneficial insect populations by providing shelter from highly disturbed crop areas as well as alternative food sources, namely pollen and nectar.

The goal of on-farm insectaries is to enhance diversity and abundance of beneficial insects on your farm to build resilience, particularly against seasonal variations and pest incursions.

Tune in to this webinar recording from VegNET Victoria to learn more about on-farm insectaries and how to get started, including the benefits of planting native vegetation. You can also access the presentation slides as well as other useful resources.

Speakers include:

  • Geoff Gurr, Charles Sturt University: Overview of project VG16062, which helped vegetable growers develop practical approaches to control pests through field and landscape management that support beneficial insects.
  • Karen Thomas, Port Phillip & Westernport Catchment Management Authority: Key considerations when developing native vegetation insectaries on your farm, including variety selection and design.
  • Stephen Moore, E.E. Muir & Sons: Update on plantings in Werribee South, VIC.

For more information, please contact VegNET Victoria Regional Development Officer Dimi Kyriakou at dimik@rmcg.com.au or 0488 124 626.

This webinar was delivered as part of Hort Innovation-funded VegNET Victoria – Northern, Western and South Eastern project.