The Vegetable Industry Market Access and Development Program (VG13097) was set up to facilitate, co-ordinate and communicate market access and market development information and opportunities to vegetable growers, as well as enhance the export capability of the industry.

The project also aimed to create export market opportunities for Asian and Middle Eastern vegetable buyers through research and development activities undertaken by the industry.

The project achieved its goals through five key work streams:

  1. Reverse Trade Missions
  2. Developing international vegetable export opportunities
  3. Market access policy and procedure
  4. Broader trade and export industry participation
  5. Communication and development of information database

Overall, the program facilitated 74 growers to participate in 10 international trade events, brought 106 foreign buyers to Australia to showcase the industry as part of the Reverse Trade Mission in 2015, 2016, and 2017, as well as provided ongoing resources, informative materials, training opportunities and advice and assistance directly to growers over the life of the program.

A program review was undertaken in November 2016 by Ernst and Young. The report calculated net benefits of AUD$16.4m and 489% return on investment (ROI) from the initial investment of AUD$3.4m. The net benefits and ROI as at the end of 2016 were well above the benefits estimated in the conservative scenario of the cost-benefit analysis that underpinned the original investment decision. The program review recommended that the further investment in vegetable industry export development would be warranted.