The project Regional Capacity Building to Grow Vegetable Businesses (VegNET NSW) Project VG19011
(CON001894) was delivered by Greater Sydney Local Land Services (GS LLS) between April 2020 and September

The project focused on the extension of existing research and development (R&D) levy funded projects. It further
developed and delivered activities focused on targeted and measurable practice change to support sustainable and
profitable growth of vegetable businesses in NSW. The project worked mainly on the needs of Greater Sydney and
North Coast vegetable growing businesses as funding constraints limited the same delivery service to other NSW

An experienced Local Land Services (LLS) team delivered the project, led by staff from Greater Sydney LLS and
assisted by regional extension staff from North Coast, Central Tablelands and Riverina LLSs. They include:
Paul Bennett, Sylvia Jelinek, Jonathan Eccles, Matthew Plunkett, Peter Conasch, Nikki McGrath, Maddy
Humphreys, Richard Stephens, from GS LLS.