VegNET2 Tasmania, was one of 10 regionally delivered extension projects for the Australian vegetable industry.
The target audience was vegetable levy payers and other stakeholders in the vegetable industry, including
agronomists, advisers, processors, contractors, and supply chain participants.

This main activities and achievements were:

  • Regional Development Officer (RDO): Continuation of the Tasmanian RDO role by Theresa Chapman,
    handover, and continuing service without delays to a new RDO, Ossie Lang
  • Scoping: Development of a regional, five-year extension strategy (Appendix 2) including a discussion
    paper (Appendix 1), strategy and project focus areas (sub-projects) for VegNET 2, and the future VegNET
    Phase 3 in Tasmania
  • Planning: Development of Project Briefs (Appendix 3) for delivery of sub-projects over five years for five
    priority areas:

    • Communications and engagement: Activities included bi-monthly email updates, social media posts, farm
      visits and attendance at regional industry events to deliver VegNET information and have one-on-one
      conversations with vegetable growers and stakeholders
    • RDO capacity building
    • Resource development e.g., Herbicide Resistance Testing fact sheet, Precision Agriculture Research
      Summary and website updates ( about).