Stephanie Knight, Account Manager for Rijk Zwaan Australia, presents three new iceberg lettuce varieties for Australian growers. Jalonas RZ, Corvinas RZ (45-IC1607) Knox™ and Signas RZ Knox™ were all featured at the East Gippsland Vegetable Innovation days (EGVID) trials during May 2020 at Lindenow, Victoria, Australia.  

Corvinas RZ (45-IC1607) Knox™, new to Rijk Zwaan is a versatile, large framed, large headed variety, looking fantastic in trials across Australia especially when harvested in the Spring and into the Autumn period. The real advantages are that it has the Knox™ trait. Seed will be available in Spring 2020.  

Jalonas RZ is a new variety for the Winter cycle and also into the Spring. A large frame, large head and uniform harvest make it perfect for harvesting during those times of the year.  

Signas RZ Knox™ has been a standout, especially in the Spring and Autumn periods in Victoria, even going into the Winter months. It has a large heart, large frame and has been really good for processing due to its internal structure, with a great wrap internally, really good colour and important short core. It’s also good for the box market, due to its size.

The award winning Knox™ trait provides additional shelf-life and improves the consumer experience by delivering fresher lettuce and helping to reduce waste. Knox™ is a game changer in lettuce breeding! Developed after more than a decade of R&D, the natural trait delays the ‘pinking’ or browning of cut surfaces in lettuce by days. The whole supply chain benefits from fresher lettuce, thanks to Knox™.

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