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Vegetable Trend Forecasting and Analysis

This project provides insight on the topics of trends; future forecasting, both in general and within the food space; and how consumer trends are created … Read more

Market opportunity for vegetable juices

This project was undertaken to help Hort Innovation and the Australian vegetable industry to understand the market opportunity for vegetable juices. Very little was known … Read more

Naturally Nutritious

The Naturally Nutritious project, which ran from 2016 until 2021, investigated the health benefits of a range of fruit, vegetables, and nuts to inform the … Read more

Indicators of Soil Health

Understanding soil is an important element in maintaining soil health. There are many factors involved with maintaining high-quality soil, these factors involve soil constraints, soil … Read more

Carrot nutrition and irrigation

Carrot production in WA in 1989 was 31,000 tonnes, of which 17,500 tonnes were exported, mostly to south-eastern Asia. There, WA has a reputation for … Read more

Development of a Vegetable Education Kit

Children’s consumption of vegetables is below the daily recommendations in Australia and in many countries worldwide. As many nutrition intervention approaches have been found to … Read more

Growing Healthy, Productive Capsicum Crops

This online resource package has been based on the renown capsicum grower, Phuong Vo, and provides four modules including information on plant nutrition, greenhouse design, … Read more