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Gas fuelled on farm power generation

Research into on farm power generation has produced details of the options, and explored feasibility of adoption of such systems. Growers can use this to … Read more

Less Energy More Profit article

Infotech Research conducted a series of 22 energy audits of levy paying vegetable growers in 2014, as part of a project with Horticulture Innovation Australia … Read more

Nutrient management of Asian vegetables

This project investigates the general nutrient and specific nitrate guidelines for leafy vegetables aiming to address findings that these vegetables can potentially accumulate nitrate. The … Read more

Vegetable Production in New South Wales

This fact sheet lists important statistics focusing on five commodities in NSW, mushrooms, chinese cabbage (buk choy and wombok), lettuces and potatoes


This fact sheet lists important production statistics in the Northern Territory focusing on Chinese cabbage (buk choy and wombok), melons and pumpkin.