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Implementing Pest Management Of Diamondback Moth

This report details the research and extension delivery undertaken on the integrated management of diamondback moth and other pests of Australian Brassica vegetable crops. This … Read more

Improved Management Of Black Rot Of Brassicas

This project discusses black rot and leaf spot diseases within brassica vegetable crops. This project allowed for the generation development of rapid and sensitive genetic … Read more

Less Energy More Profit article

Infotech Research conducted a series of 22 energy audits of levy paying vegetable growers in 2014, as part of a project with Horticulture Innovation Australia … Read more

Managing brassica stem canker

This project studies the epidemiology of the main 2 fungi associated in brassica stem canker and evaluating management strategies to reduce the economic loss of … Read more

Managing Brassica Stem Canker Phase 2

Brassica stem canker is a disease complex of several fungi causing symptoms that range from superficial scurfing, russetting and discrete lesions on stems to complete … Read more