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Vegetable snacking options market research – Stage 2

Through a range of activities, including market and desktop research and industry engagement, this project analysed the distribution channels that have potential to deliver vegetable snacks … Read more

Annual Vegetable Industry Seminar 2019

The Annual Vegetable Industry Seminar 2019 (AVIS) provided funding for 250 vegetable growers from horticultural regions across Australia to attend the seminar. A contingent of … Read more

Vegetable Business Benchmarking

Project VG17000-WA successfully delivered Western Australia’s and Australia’s first 3-year vegetable industry benchmark dataset. It has published three Industry Benchmark reports and has also produced … Read more

Scanning technologies for horticultural packhouses

This project aimed to accumulate relevant knowledge about the potential of in-line scanning technology to detect market access pest and disease organisms. This knowledge will … Read more

Pathogen persistence from paddock to plate

Consumers naturally expect that food they eat will not make them sick. Bacteria that cause illness, such as E. coli and Salmonella, can be present … Read more