AgChem update: Methidathion (Suprathion 400 EC Insecticide) – Cancellation of Approval by Adama effective 4 February 2020.

The APVMA has cancelled the approval of the following active constituent, at the request of Adama Australia:

Active number Name Approval holder Date of effect
51936 Methidathion Adama Australia Pty Ltd 4 February 2020


The APVMA has cancelled the registration and associated label approvals of the following product:

Product number Name Label approvals Registrant Date of effect
55599 Suprathion 400 EC Insecticide 55599/100267
Adama Australia Pty Ltd 4 February 2020


A person may continue to use the cancelled product according to its label instructions until 4 February 2021.


The following minor use permits are also impacted by this cancellation:

PER14047 Methidathion / Peppers and eggplant / Rutherglen Bug
PER14099 Methidathion / Lychees / Mealybug, Nutborer, Planthopper, Scale, Leafhoppers and Fruit Spotting Bug
PER13694 Methidathion / Persimmons / Mealybug, Light Brown Apple Moth, Scales and Fruit Spotting Bug


For more information, please click here to view the 25 February 2020 APVMA Gazette.