Bayer is an international life science company offering innovative products that serve the health of humans, plants and animals. With core competencies in the areas of health care and agriculture, Bayer takes on two of the greatest challenges of the twenty-first century: the health and the nutrition of the growing population.

AUSVEG is pleased to announce that Bayer has reaffirmed its dedicated and long-running support for the Australian vegetable industry by continuing its Leading Strategic Partnership, which continues to deliver benefits for Australian growers.

This partnership, which was first signed in 2009 and has been renewed regularly over the last decade, helps the two companies collaborate on industry issues and ensures Australian vegetable growers have access to valuable information and events that can help them manage their businesses – such as a recent meeting held for Victorian growers to learn about new developments in label use for chemicals on vegetable crops and the value of integrated pest management.

Bayer also helps AUSVEG celebrate leading researchers through its sponsorship of the annual Researcher of the Year Award, which is presented at Hort Connections every year, and was won last year by IPM Technologies’ Jessica Page.

This partnership helps AUSVEG to deliver advocacy and events for the Australian vegetable industry, including our policy work representing the interests of Australian growers.

For more information on Bayer, including its crop protection options and other products, visit its website.

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