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Fruit fly research: Gap analysis

Fruit flies are recognised as one of horticulture’s most serious pests. A number of important species attack fruiting vegetables such as zucchini, capsicums, cucumber and … Read more

Plant Biosecurity

Biosecurity is a general description for a series of measure designed to protect businesses and the nation as a whole from the threats posed by … Read more

Sweetpotato Chlorotic Stunt Virus (SPCSV)

One SPCSV strain is unique because it has the ability to interact with these other viruses, such as the commonly occurring, aphid-transmitted Sweetpotato feathery mottle … Read more

Vegetable Biosecurity & Quarantine Gap Analysis

this review highlights the changing nature of global quarantine and biosecurity, the components industry biosecurity, the expectations of industries and governments in driving forward evidence … Read more