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10th International Spinach Conference 2023

This project sponsored the 10th¬†International Spinach Conference that was held in Victoria in May to coincide with the Gippsland Vegetable Innovation Days. It was the … Read more

An investigation of low-cost protective cropping

Increased climate variability is a key challenge facing the Australian vegetable industry. Heat waves, heavy rain, unseasonal frosts, hail and other extreme weather events can … Read more

Market opportunity for vegetable juices

This project was undertaken to help Hort Innovation and the Australian vegetable industry to understand the market opportunity for vegetable juices. Very little was known … Read more

Consumer and market program for the vegetable industry

Project Harvest aimed to identify opportunities for Australia‚Äôs vegetable industry through identifying trends in purchase and consumption, in perceptions of value, retail channel preferences, triggers … Read more