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Irrigation Management Of Processing Tomatoes

The average yields of Lachlan Valley Processing tomato growers is less than 50 tonnes/ha. Monitoring the water use of the tomato crops using a Neutron … Read more

Less Energy More Profit article

Infotech Research conducted a series of 22 energy audits of levy paying vegetable growers in 2014, as part of a project with Horticulture Innovation Australia … Read more

Mechanical Harvesting Of Fresh Market Tomatoes

The mechanical harvesting of fresh market tomatoes project was undertaken on behalf of the Bowen Horticultural Automation Group during 1996. The project aimed to re-examine … Read more

Pest & Beneficial Ecology In Tomatoes

This project was undertaken to increase the knowledge of pest and beneficial insect ecology, particularly in relation to heliothis or tomato grub, potato tuber moth … Read more