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Mega Pests – Managing Sucking Pests

This fact sheet outlines information on sucking pests and how to control them. A case study of a capsicum grower’s personal experience in adopting Integrated … Read more

Fruit fly research: Gap analysis

Fruit flies are recognised as one of horticulture’s most serious pests. A number of important species attack fruiting vegetables such as zucchini, capsicums, cucumber and … Read more

Consumer and market program for the vegetable industry

Project Harvest aimed to identify opportunities for Australia’s vegetable industry through identifying trends in purchase and consumption, in perceptions of value, retail channel preferences, triggers … Read more


This fact sheet provides an overview on zucchini – sowing, fertiliser, watering, harvesting, and pests and diseases affecting the crop.

Virus diseases of cucurbit crops

Five principal viruses are recorded infecting cucurbit cros in Western Australia – cucumber mosaic virus, papaya ringspot virus, squash mosaic virus, watermelon mosaic virus, and … Read more