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Export Finance: Prepare for 2021

18 November 2020

Are you financially prepared for export in 2021?

Following a disrupted 2020, what challenges and opportunities does 2021 have in store? Uncertain economic conditions, currency fluctuations, export marketing budget constraints and an increased need to de-risk your export operations.

Join our specialist panel as they discuss the outlook for 2021, currency trends, export marketing funding opportunities and practical tips to better manage the financial risks associated with exporting, help protect profits and better prepare your business for exporting in 2021.

Fall Armyworm arrives in Australia: What it means for you.

23 September 2020

International and national experts discuss the arrival of a significant new pest to Australia, fall armyworm (FAW), and what it means for your business.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Exotic leafminers webinar series

16 July 2020

Hort Innovation, cesar, Plant Health Australia, University of Melbourne, the Northern Australia Quarantine Strategy, and AUSVEG have developed an industry webinar series focusing on exotic leafminers. In these videos, Madeleine Quirk (AUSVEG) provides an introduction on why exotic leafminers pose a threat to Australia’s horticulture industries, Dr. James Maino (cesar) discusses regional risk and potential impacts of exotic leafminers across Australia, Dr. Elia Pirtle (cesar) outlines surveillance strategies to help you keep an eye out for potential incursions of exotic leafminers, and Dr. Peter Ridland (University of Melbourne) and Rohan Burgess (Plant Health Australia) discuss biological and chemical control strategies for exotic leafminers.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Serpentine Leafminer Webinar video series

14 December 2020

Serpentine Leafminer - Situation Update

Serpentine Leafminer - Life cycle, biology, damage, and impact

Serpentine Leafminer - Natural enemies and surveillance

Serpentine Leafminer - Chemical control options

Serpentine Leafminer - Integrated pest management strategies