AUSVEG Webinars


Looking Forward: Horticulture Supply Chain and Traceability Solutions

May 2022

In this webinar, led and moderated by an AUSVEG representative, three Australian technology and service providers discuss the benefits of integrating origin verification and IoT into horticulture supply chains. The webinar will also discuss how growers can gain better access to international markets to distribute their product in more places. This part of the conversation will focus on the Asian market, and the nuances of that market, and what specialist help is available in navigating that type of expansion.

The discussion will cover the benefits, details and barriers associated with these services and welcomes a Q&A discussion at the end. The discussion will be held within the context of typical supply chain risks and relevant events that have impacted horticulture supply chains to remain relevant.

American Serpentine Leafminer:
Are you prepared?

September 2021

A webinar hosted by AUSVEG as part of the Annual Vegetable Industry Seminar online series.

American serpentine leafminer (ASLM) is a harmful new pest that has just arrived in the country. You will learn from three industry and scientific experts of American serpentine leafminer as they each present on the pest. They will cover all the areas that are necessary for you to prepare for this new important pest. These experts will explain the nature of the pest and the broad range of crops that it attacks, including vegetables, ornamentals and other valuable commodities.

International expert, Robert Senn will discuss the European experience of managing ASLM, while three local experts, Dr Greg Chandler, Penny Goldsmith and Dr Peter Ridland will explain current and past projects that are preparing the Australian vegetable industry for this pest, what to look for, and the future of management, including what beneficial insects may help to control it.


  • Robert Senn, Syngenta Global Technical Manager for Insecticides
  • Penny Goldsmith, Senior Agronomist at River District Co-operative (ORDCO)
  • Dr Greg Chandler, Hort Innovation R&D Manager for Biosecurity
  • Dr Peter Ridland, The University of Melbourne Honorary Research Fellow

Horticulture and the international trade landscape

August 2021

The fourth and final webinar of our Agriculture Series, hosted by Western Union Business Solutions and the Export Council of Australia, sponsored by Telstra. This panel discussion explores the impact of sea and airfreight disruptions on supply chains.


  • Dianne Tipping, Export Council of Australia
  • Sue Tomic, Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia
  • Ryan Densley, Moffatt Fresh Produce
  • Tom McGrath, CT Freight

Looking ahead: Setting the direction of levy investment for the next five years

24 August 2021

Hort Innovation is in the process of developing the next five-year Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) for the Australian vegetable industry. The vegetable SIP is the roadmap that ensures levy investment decisions align with industry for research, development, extension, and marketing (Domestic and International) investment priorities.

An important part of the process is listening to what growers have to say.

Hort Innovation, in collaboration with AUSVEG, hosted a webinar on Tuesday 24 August and provided an update on the SIP renewal process, allowing the vegetable industry and growers to provide final input.


  • Mark Spees, Industry Strategic Partner, Hort Innovation
  • Adam Briggs, Head of Data & Insights, Hort Innovation
  • Brei Montgomery, Head of International Trade, Hort Innovation
  • Byron De Kock, Head of Research & Development, Hort Innovation
  • Jane Wightman, Head of Extension, Hort Innovation

More than a SIP: Collaboration key for future industry investment opportunities

28 April 2021

Did you know that the vegetable industry has a Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) that provides the roadmap to guide Hort Innovation’s investment of levies and government contributions?

In 2021, Hort Innovation is engaging with vegetable growers and industry stakeholders to develop a refreshed SIP for the vegetable industry that will span from 2022-2026. The vegetable SIP will lay the foundation for decision making in levy investments, representing a balanced view of stakeholders from within the industry, helping Hort Innovation prioritise and implement relevant R&D, marketing and export needs over the next five years.

Hort Innovation and AUSVEG hosted a webinar to provide an overview of what the SIP renewal process will look like for the vegetable industry and how input can be provided.


  • Nathan McIntyre, National Marketing Manager, AUSVEG (MC)
  • Matt Brand, Chief Executive Officer, Hort Innovation
  • James Whiteside, Chief Executive Officer, AUSVEG
  • Mark Spees, Industry Strategic Partner, Hort Innovation
  • Adam Briggs, Head of Data & Insights, Hort Innovation
  • Brian Ramsay, Managing Director, Inovact Consulting

Take back control: Diamondback Moth Webinar – hosted by AUSVEG and Bayer

12 March 2021

Diamondback Moth (DBM) has been described as one of the most destructive insect pest of brassica crops across the world. In order for industry to have the most up to date information on best management practices AUSVEG together with Bayer is bringing together a range of experts in a webinar solely focused on DBM control in Australia.

Download presentation slides here:

Knowledge is key: Serpentine Leafminer Webinar January 2021 – hosted by AUSVEG and FMC

28 January 2021

Serpentine leafminer is a harmful new pest that has just arrived in the country. It has already established itself in some vegetable growing regions in NSW and QLD and has the potential to spread further in the coming months.

Download presentation slides here:

Serpentine Leafminer Webinar video series

14 December 2020

Serpentine Leafminer - Situation Update

Serpentine Leafminer - Life cycle, biology, damage, and impact

Serpentine Leafminer - Natural enemies and surveillance

Serpentine Leafminer - Chemical control options

Serpentine Leafminer - Integrated pest management strategies

Export Finance: Prepare for 2021

18 November 2020

Are you financially prepared for export in 2021?

Following a disrupted 2020, what challenges and opportunities does 2021 have in store? Uncertain economic conditions, currency fluctuations, export marketing budget constraints and an increased need to de-risk your export operations.

Join our specialist panel as they discuss the outlook for 2021, currency trends, export marketing funding opportunities and practical tips to better manage the financial risks associated with exporting, help protect profits and better prepare your business for exporting in 2021.

Fall Armyworm arrives in Australia: What it means for you.

23 September 2020

International and national experts discuss the arrival of a significant new pest to Australia, fall armyworm (FAW), and what it means for your business.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Exotic leafminers webinar series

16 July 2020

Hort Innovation, cesar, Plant Health Australia, University of Melbourne, the Northern Australia Quarantine Strategy, and AUSVEG have developed an industry webinar series focusing on exotic leafminers. In these videos, Madeleine Quirk (AUSVEG) provides an introduction on why exotic leafminers pose a threat to Australia’s horticulture industries, Dr. James Maino (cesar) discusses regional risk and potential impacts of exotic leafminers across Australia, Dr. Elia Pirtle (cesar) outlines surveillance strategies to help you keep an eye out for potential incursions of exotic leafminers, and Dr. Peter Ridland (University of Melbourne) and Rohan Burgess (Plant Health Australia) discuss biological and chemical control strategies for exotic leafminers.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4