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VegNET – North & Far North Queensland

The VegNET Regional Development Officer (RDO) was hosted by the Bowen Gumlu Growers Association (BGGA) in Bowen, and delivery of VG19008 in the North and … Read more

VegNET – Wide Bay Burnett

VG19009 VegNET- Wide Bay Burnett was delivered between April 2020 and September 2021 with the objective of developing and delivering specific activities for vegetable levy … Read more

VegNET – Southern Queensland

VegNet Southern Queensland 2.0 builds on the successful delivery of the previous vegetable extension project in the region under VegNET 1.0 (VG18003) and the networks … Read more


The project Regional Capacity Building to Grow Vegetable Businesses (VegNET NSW) Project VG19011 (CON001894) was delivered by Greater Sydney Local Land Services (GS LLS) between … Read more

VegNET – Gippsland

VegNET Phase 2.0 was delivered using an Innovation Systems approach to develop and commence implementation of a five year Regional Extension Strategy. The VegNET Gippsland … Read more

VegNET – Tasmania

VegNET2 Tasmania, was one of 10 regionally delivered extension projects for the Australian vegetable industry. The target audience was vegetable levy payers and other stakeholders … Read more


This project (VG19015) is for AUSVEG SA to support the continuation of extension services as part of the VegNET SA project for a period of … Read more

VegNET 2.0 – WA

The primary objective of VegNET 2.0 WA is the development and delivery of user defined activities focused on targeted and measurable practice changes to support … Read more


VegNET NT Phase 2, VG19017, focused heavily on developing an innovation system extension strategy for the NT vegetable industry that built on previous project work … Read more