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VegNET – North & Far North Queensland

The VegNET Regional Development Officer (RDO) was hosted by the Bowen Gumlu Growers Association (BGGA) in Bowen, and delivery of VG19008 in the North and … Read more

VegNET – Wide Bay Burnett

VG19009 VegNET- Wide Bay Burnett was delivered between April 2020 and September 2021 with the objective of developing and delivering specific activities for vegetable levy … Read more

VegNET – Southern Queensland

VegNet Southern Queensland 2.0 builds on the successful delivery of the previous vegetable extension project in the region under VegNET 1.0 (VG18003) and the networks … Read more


The project Regional Capacity Building to Grow Vegetable Businesses (VegNET NSW) Project VG19011 (CON001894) was delivered by Greater Sydney Local Land Services (GS LLS) between … Read more

VegNET – Gippsland

VegNET Phase 2.0 was delivered using an Innovation Systems approach to develop and commence implementation of a five year Regional Extension Strategy. The VegNET Gippsland … Read more

VegNET – Tasmania

VegNET2 Tasmania, was one of 10 regionally delivered extension projects for the Australian vegetable industry. The target audience was vegetable levy payers and other stakeholders … Read more


This project (VG19015) is for AUSVEG SA to support the continuation of extension services as part of the VegNET SA project for a period of … Read more

VegNET 2.0 – WA

The primary objective of VegNET 2.0 WA is the development and delivery of user defined activities focused on targeted and measurable practice changes to support … Read more


VegNET NT Phase 2, VG19017, focused heavily on developing an innovation system extension strategy for the NT vegetable industry that built on previous project work … Read more

10th International Spinach Conference 2023

This project sponsored the 10th International Spinach Conference that was held in Victoria in May to coincide with the Gippsland Vegetable Innovation Days. It was the … Read more